BOLD Culmination!

A video we showed on Celebration Sunday that walks through the 2 year journey of BOLD!

BOLD Countdown #1

The culmination of our BOLD initiative is this Sunday, March 5th!! Watch this video that highlights the new property that Crossbridge will be moving to.

BOLD Countdown #2

We are two weeks away from the culmination of BOLD! Watch this countdown video that highlights our student ministry at Crossbridge.

BOLD Countdown #3

We are down to the final 3 weeks of the BOLD initiative. Check out this video to see the mission partners that our BOLD generosity supports all around the world!

BOLD Countdown #4

We are counting down the weeks until our BOLD initiative comes to a close! Watch this video that highlights our Crossbridge Kids and Fifty6 Ministries.

BOLD Countdown #5

As our BOLD journey comes to a close, we are looking back to see all the amazing things God has done! Check out this video to see some of the milestones in the life of Crossbridge over the past two years.

BOLD Countdown #6

After nearly 2 years, the BOLD initiative is coming to an end! Watch this countdown video highlighting the Child Survival Program that we fund and support in El Salvador.

Sabrina Burns

Sabrina has been attending Crossbridge for almost two years! Hear her story of finding Crossbridge as a young professional in a new city and how she strives to stay consistently faithful to God through her generosity.

Larry and Kim Rice

The Rice's have been attending Crossbridge for 13 years! Hear how their faith in God has been strengthened over the years through the good times and the bad.

Cameron and Kiren Garcia

As newlyweds, the Garcia's weren't too sure about giving to BOLD at first. Once they surrendered to God and began to give consistently, they saw and continue to see God do amazing things in their lives!

Mark and Marty Imper

Hear how Mark and Marty continue to grow in Christ by trusting in Him to provide even when life isn't easy.

BOLD bloopers and Still BOLD number reveal

See some funny bloopers from our BOLD journey and see the final numbers from the Still BOLD campaign!

Still BOLD Testimony Compilation

A powerful compilation video we showed on Commitment Sunday for Still BOLD highlighting many testimonies throughout the BOLD journey!

Evie Teneyoque

Evie has been attending Crossbridge for over a year and a half. Hear how God has used Crossbridge to help her get connected in a new place and become a cheerful giver!

Scott and Tisha Rich

The Rich's were at Crossbridge from the beginning and served in many capacities, including Tisha being on staff in our children's ministry. They recently moved away because of a job change for Scott, but hear how God has put it on their hearts to continue to fulfill their BOLD commitment!

Jason and Abby Henderson

The Henderson's have been attending Crossbridge for less than a year. Hear how they have connected at Crossbridge and why they are excited to jump into the BOLD campaign to forward the gospel of Jesus in Ft. Bend County and beyond!

Crossbridge: Year in Review, 2015

What a year it has been! God has done incredible things for His glory and our joy!

Gilbert and Faith Guerrero; Tony Lawrence

Watch this combined testimony of continuing growth in generosity that comes from an understanding of all Christ has done for us!

Jay and Julie Foy

The Foy's have been attending Crossbridge for 5 years. Hear the story of how God's calling on their lives has caused their faith to grow and has led them to give generously, even when it's uncomfortable.

John and Mabell Noel

Hear The Noel's story of continual sacrifice to God and the local church, even through the loss of a job.

Mike and Jill Kelly

The Kelly's have been attending Crossbridge for over two years. Hear Mike's story of why he first came to Crossbridge and how Jesus has worked in their family and personal lives even since, including Mike's salvation story!

Tatum Boagni

Tatum is in 7th grade and is apart of our Crossbridge Students! Hear her story of how God has called her to give generously and the plan that she has taken to follow through with that calling.

Jared and Dana Maxson

The Maxson's have been coming to Crossbridge since January of 2015. Hear their story of feeling called to give to the local church for the first time and how their faith in Christ continues to grow!

Kathleen Knoebel

Kathleen has been attending Crossbridge for 12 years. Hear how BOLD has strengthened her faith in God and his provision for her life.

BOLD Celebration Sunday

A video encompassing the BOLD generosity initiative from the beginning to Celebration Sunday.

BOLD Commitment Testimonies

Hear testimonies from our people on how God is calling them to step out in faith and be BOLD.

BOLD Commitment Sunday

On Sunday, March 1st, we had our Commitment Sunday for the BOLD initiative! Hear some testimonies from our people on how God is calling them to step out in faith and be BOLD.

Advanced Commitment Night Testimonies

Some of our leaders and volunteers gathered together on Friday, February 20th to commit in advance to BOLD. Hear some testimonies from that awesome night!

BOLD Kids and Students Commitment Sunday

Our kids and students had their BOLD commitment Sunday on February 22nd. Hear a few testimonies of what it means to them to be BOLD!

Chris and Monique Nilsson

Chris and Monique have been at Crossbridge since the beginning. Hear how God has continually shown himself to them over the last 12 years and their hope for the future of Crossbridge.

Derek and Khristina Maxon

Derek and Khristina have been through the ups and downs of owning a small business. Hear how they have traded finding security in wealth for finding security in Jesus, and how they continue to stretch their faith and not stay comfortable.

Brian and Melissa Dirks

Brian and Melissa have been at Crossbridge for 4 years. Hear how they invest in the local church by serving, giving, and the importance of community in their lives.

Ellis and Rose Sink

The Sinks have been at Crossbridge for 11 years. Hear their story of redemption and how God has called them to boldness in areas of leadership and generosity.

Jim and Jeanette Christensen

Jim and Jeanette have been at Crossbridge for 2 years. Hear how their generosity and faith in Christ has increased even through struggles of health and career change.

Denise Stark

Denise has been at Crossbridge for 12 years. Hear how God has used the local church to continually grow her faith and her love for serving.

Matt and Jenn Hicks

Hear Matt and Jenn's story of coming to Crossbridge and the importance of community in their lives.

Andy and Sasha Camacho

Andy and Sasha have been attending Crossbridge for about a year. Hear their story of how God has changed them!