BOLD Updates

Hi Everybody!

God is moving powerfully at Crossbridge Church!  It has almost been a month since Celebration Sunday!  On March 29, 2015 we announced the BOLD totals and we were totally blown away by God’s extravagant grace on us! Only God could do this!

God is doing an unprecedented work through BOLD! Most churches see about 65% participation rate when they do similar initiatives, 92% at Crossbridge can be ONLY GOD!  Our financial goal was $4.85 million but through your BOLD step of faith we have committed $5,554,769! Again ONLY GOD could have done this and to Him we give all the glory! 

BOLD is way more than raising money, it is about being BOLD in every area of relationship with Jesus!  We saw this in the way you invited people to EASTER at Crossbridge!  We had our largest attendance ever with 903 people! We had 15 baptisms, the most Crossbridge had in one day! We had a ton of first time guests invited by you! Crossbridge is going BOLD because of the reality of the 1 risen Savior – JESUS IS ALIVE!

Easter 2015.jpg

BOLD is just getting starting!  Because of your incredible generosity that exceeded our BOLD financial goal, we are now able to accelerate our impact in all three areas of BOLD! 


We are excited to announce that because of your BOLD generosity and everything that God is doing through BOLD, we have made the decision to make our first step in being BOLD for our Mission by bringing Griffin Covington, our Student Ministries Pastor, on staff full-time as of this past week.  Griffin has begun to lead our student ministries to another level of fruitfulness and excellence.  I know many of you who have had an opportunity to interact with Griffin have been impressed by how he is making an impact in the lives of our students.  In fact, I continue to be impressed at how our students are going BOLD.  Later this summer, you will see a BOLD video story from one of our students who made a business plan for earning money so that she can be more BOLD in her generosity.  Thank you, Griffin, for teaching our students so well!


We are also excited to announce something very exciting… We have a signed contract for our land at Harlem and Plantation!!   Now begins the 120-day process of prayer and due diligence before we close on the land officially.  Please continue praying for us as we take crucial steps to make this dream a reality.  A huge thanks to our Associate Pastor Reed Cutshall as well as our Elders for all they have done through this process.  And also to YOU, the people of Crossbridge for being so BOLD in your generosity.

In fact, similar to how we were able to accelerate bringing Griffin on full-time, we are also accelerating our BOLD for our community initiative as we are now planning on paying off a much larger portion of the land, possibly as much as $2.9M of the land, which would almost be the entire amount!  With your continued generosity as we fulfill our BOLD commitments, God willing, we will be able to pay off our land during this BOLD season so that we are in a great position as a church to build even stronger than we originally envisioned.


We are also accelerating our impact in being BOLD for our World.  Many of you know that we engaged in the Child Survival Program through Compassion International, and we sent our first payment to them a few weeks ago! We will be telling you more about this special project in the next couple of weeks!  You might also remember that Bold for Our World includes us supporting the Houston Church Planting Network as well as other local and global mission efforts.  As a result of your incredible generosity, as long as our BOLD generosity continues on pace, we will be able to accelerate our impact in BOLD for our World by engaging even more local and global initiatives outside the walls of Crossbridge! We are beginning the conversations of whom we will be partnering with and what we will be doing but these conversations wouldn’t even be possible without our BOLD generosity!

We’ll be sharing more BOLD updates with you as we go along, but it is clear that your continued generosity is allowing God to do even more than we ever asked or imagined here through His ministry at Crossbridge.  What happened on Easter and what continues to happen every single week here is evidence that God is working in ways that have FAR EXCEED our expectations.  So, THANK YOU for continuing your radical, BOLD generosity to Crossbridge for the mission of “Honoring God by Making Growing Followers of Jesus Christ.”  It matters.

Posted on April 22, 2015 .

BOLD FOR OUR WORLD – Compassion Child Survival Program

Crossbridge desires to be bold for our world by investing in a Child Survival Program in El Salvador through Compassion International.  We have sponsored hundreds of kids over the last few years and taken a couple of trips to El Salvador.  Now our desire is to take our partnership to another level through funding a Child Survival program with the Bold Initiative.

To learn more about Compassion go to and to learn more about Compassion’s Child Survival Programs: Click Here

Posted on February 24, 2015 .

Crossbridge Kids are Going BOLD!

What a great time we are having teaching kids to be BOLD for Jesus in Crossbridge Kids this month! Preschoolers through 5th grade are learning about BOLD generosity and how we can take our everyday, ordinary life -- our sleeping, eating, going to school and walking around life--and place it before God as an offering (Romans 12:1)!


Parents, we hope you will jump in and use the tools given on Sundays to keep the conversation going at home to teach your child about giving back to God. Here are some tools to help:



Inside the BOLD booklet (available every week in the auditorium), there is a weekly family devotional to help lead your discussion with your kids. This devotional covers the story they learned in church and follow up questions. The scope of the month leads kids to understand more about what the bible says about generosity and giving, how giving is in response to what Jesus has done for us, and how (a kid) can give (through service, etc).


Kids 3 years through 5th grade receive a new and different dog tag necklace EVERY Sunday of February. If they lose it, or don’t come one week, they can still get a necklace each week, and depending on leftovers, they may get extras from the week prior. The idea is for them to have something to remember this month of learning and generate week to week excitement. So, help your kid keep track of the necklace. Many kids are wearing them to school! How fun! They are telling their friends they are BOLD for Jesus! Each dogtag has something different on it, so engage your kids and talk about it!

 BOLDKids COMMITMENT CARD, bring it Feb 22

All kids get to bring home a kid-sized commitment card, and if one didn’t make it home to you already, you should be receiving one in the mail this week. This card has a parent note explaining what it is about. This is a devotional tool to help you further guide your child in praying about giving and practicing giving. Help your child to prayerfully seek the Lord in what He would have them give as an offering (could they help mom by putting on their own shoes? Could they serve their brother by helping with a bath-time? Could they give some of their allowance to our class Compassion Child? Could they ask a friendless kid at school to sit with them at lunch one day?)

We will have a special time of bringing these cards and talking about them on February 22.  This will be our BOLDKids Sunday, a week prior to when the adults bring in their own commitment card on March 1!  How fun that our kids get to go first and experience generosity their own way!

Be sure to help them with this, a great teaching tool to help kids learn about sacrificial giving and bringing their offering to God/church.


Kids 5 years old through 5th grade had the OPTION of taking home a can for collecting money for our class Compassion Child who lives in Haiti. As outlined on the Commitment Card, this can is another tool parents and kids can use to help in learning generosity.  Kids can earn money by doing a job at home and bring that money in on Feb 22 when we collect it. Allowing kids to give money for a Compassion Child is a tangible way for them to see the impact of their sacrificial giving.  Again, this is completely optional and just a tool if they want to use it. Kids do not have to collect money.


Kindergarteners (with 3-4 year olds looking on), and Elementary students will have their own “commitment” service during a large group time on Feb 22. This will take place both services.  Kids will be able to practice and celebrate giving and generosity by doing several things: 

- to practice putting their trust in God, kids will “give up” one of their dog tags from their necklace and put it in a basket.

 -they can put their Commitment Card in a basket. 

- they can bring in their “gift” to God if they have something they want to give (donations       to Compassion Child, toy donation, etc). 

- elementary kids will also have time to write or draw pictures to be sent to Haiti for this     Compassion child.

It will be a super fun time of celebrating and showing Jesus how much we love Him!

We have been planning this fun program since last year, complete with puppet shows filmed at Crossbridge for our kids to watch Sunday mornings, and small group material written specifically to help our kids learn about sacrificial giving and trusting God! 


We pray Sunday mornings will spur BOLD conversations at home, and the tools will help create fun learning between you and your child. Please contact us if you have questions!

Tisha and Dixie


Posted on February 11, 2015 .

Bold Prayer Texts

The BOLD Initiative is the biggest thing Crossbridge has ever attempted.  It truly is our boldest step of faith ever as a faith community!  We believe that our vision of seeing 100% of our Crossbridge family take a bold step of generosity is something only God can instigate and get the credit for!

With that in mind we want to call our church to pray!  We want to be crying out to the Lord for His wisdom and power during this season.  In light of that we invite you to receive a BOLD prayer text a few times a week from us.

If you will text crossbridgeBOLD to 62953, you will receive a confirmation text and then about 2-3 times a week we will send out something for you to pray for during this initiative.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

“And now Lord,…grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldnessActs 4:29


Posted on February 9, 2015 .


A large part of BOLD is the purchase of property so that Crossbridge can put down long-term roots for the sake of reaching Fort Bend County with the transforming power of Jesus Christ!

After a yearlong search that culminated in the fall of 2014, the Crossbridge Elders began negotiating for the 14 acres found in the middle of Harlem road between Hwy 90 and Hwy 99. At the end of December 2014, the seller accepted our price for the property!

pop map property.jpg

The property’s full price will be $3,049,200.

One of the goals of BOLD is to pay for over half the property in two years; specifically, we’re praying to be able to pay down $2.5M of it. That is a BOLD goal! We are doing this because we want to make sure Crossbridge is not saddled with a large amount of debt and that we can be prepared in two years to begin putting resources toward the construction of our facility. Our God-sized prayer is that when our lease is up here at 1049 Eldridge in January of 2019, we will be ready to move into our new long-term facility!

Here is where we are as of February 2, 2015:

  • The seller is drawing up a contract for the property.

  • When we receive that contract, we will be reviewing it with our real estate attorney to make sure the best interests of the church are protected and that we can agree to the terms of the contract.

  • Assuming all goes well with that process, we will then sign the agreement and then enter into a 120 day feasibility period.

  • During the feasibility period:

    • -  The land engineer will accurately assess the usability of the land.

    • -  Our architect will form preliminary building layouts and design to ensure that the land will fully meet the church’s present and future needs.

    • -  We will secure a short-term loan from our lender to allow us to close at the end of the feasibility period based on commitments to the BOLD initiative.

    • -  The land assessor will determine the value of the land to ensure we have a solid price.

  • After the feasibility period, assuming we feel like everything is a go, we will close on the property and pay a down payment estimated between $600,000 and $750,000. Our initial offerings towards the BOLD initiative, including our First Big Give on March 22, will aid significantly to fund this down payment.

    Thank you for your continued prayer and BOLD steps of faith as you prayerfully discern what your BOLD commitment will be on March 1st. We are praying for unprecedented growth in our people during this time as God does something both IN us and THROUGH us.

    Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized they had been with Jesus. – Acts 4:13 

Posted on February 5, 2015 .


Welcome to the brand new crossbridgeBOLD website!  We hope you will find this website inspirational and information about the boldest step of faith Crossbridge Church has ever taken!

This is the official blog for the BOLD Initiative at Crossbridge Church.  The purpose of this blog is to give the latest updates on how we are being bold for our mission, community and world. This will include updates regarding property purchase and our efforts to be Bold for the world through articles and video updates. This website and blog will be active over the entire 24 months of BOLD.

If you haven’t watched the Vision video yet, be sure to watch it to hear our story and what we are praying God will do in us and through us over the next two years! Every week we will be posting the messages from Sunday and the stories we show on Sunday mornings and in our Community Groups during this series! 

We are excited to be on this journey with you!


Posted on February 2, 2015 .